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Living Room Makeover

A living room is where most of us spend our time. Whether it be watching tv, playing games with family and friends or taking a Sunday snooze on the coach. The living room is where life happens.
We want our living space to have function and beauty. Some of the challenges for us lie in the size of house and lack of storage as well as the toddler who insists on constant sprinkling of toys. Like sprinkles on a chocolate donut. So our journey began in the organizational challenge of getting the clutter out of sight and in a designated place.

We did some serious decluttering. We used the Kon Mari method (Book to really look at what we had and ask ourselves some questions. Does this object bring me joy? Is it functional? Am I holding onto it for sentimental reasons? With some direction we were able to whittle our belongings down.

I have a confession.  I am addicted to reusing items. My biggest challeng…

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